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Mindful Touch: A Unique Restorative Yoga Experience

What Is Mindful Touch?

In short, Mindful Touch is an exercise for your mind, body & soul! It is a unique & intimate (3 people max per class) restorative yoga experience where gentle stretch meets massage with a focus on deep breathing to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and get the "rest & digest" system of your body activated.


Why is it Important?

In this stressful, complicated & fast-paced post-Covid world, we need to focus on self care more than ever.  Mindful Touch is designed to help the practitioner reach a state of complete relaxation, learn how to slow down & quiet the mind, create more flexibility & resilience in the joints & muscles, foster healing & restoration throughout the body, and develop the important tools needed to stimulate relaxation during stressful situations. This class will develop a deeper concentration & focus that will allow that practitioner to better handle the unpredictable chaos of life.



2 CLASSES for $90



Each Class: $60

Class Card: 5 classes for $275


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